Skin Rash/Itching I’ve developed a rash

Skin Rash/Itching
I’ve developed a rash on my legs, arms and back over two years ago. It never appeared on my face. They were red bumps and they itched so bad it drove me crazy. I went to twelve doctors, three were dermatologists. I also went to Virtua Hospital twice, Cooper Hospital and the University of Penn. No one knew what I had.
I was given shots of prednisone and cortisone. I was also given many prescriptions and steroid creams. I was so full of toxins, I was passing out. I was so weak I couldn’t walk from my living room to my kitchen. My daughters were making my meals and bringing me Ensure to help me regain my strength. I was also losing my hair and was very depressed.
I went to a holistic doctor who put me on a diet of raw vegetables and fresh fruit. He said he would see me in six weeks. I was scratching so much I was bleeding. I could not wait six weeks with no relief.
A friend recommended Dr. Horning but I really had no faith in anyone helping me at this point. She told me I should try one more time.
I have been coming to Dr. Horning now for over two months. My rash is fading and the itching has almost stopped completely. I have my strength back. I am back doing my own housework and yard work. It’s unbelievable. I am so happy and it’s done without drugs. Also my hair is coming back.
Fran T.

Degenerative disc and joint disease And

Degenerative disc and joint disease
And plantar fasciitis
Degenerative disc and joint disease has interfered with my life for quite a few years. My primary recommended PT plus naproxen which was only a temporary fix. I found stretches and exercise online, again temporary fix. I also have plantar fasciitis for which my orthopedic could only “temporary fix.”
I never thought my life would resume to “normal” until I discovered what Dr Horning could do for me! I haven’t felt so agile/pain free in about 7 years. I’m gardening, dancing, getting chores done, and playing ball with my kids all without pain/taking several breaks in between. Life is good again!
Thank you Dr Horning, I now recommend you to everyone!
– EllaMae B