Putting Out Menopausal Fires

Hot Flashes

My name is Lisa and I’ve been suffering with pre-menopausal and menopausal hot flashes for the past 4-5 years.   I began seeing Dr. Horning initially for some lower back pain, however, when he told me that he can help with my hot flashes, I told him to make it happen.   He did, within a month of seeing him the hot prickly sensation on my skin stopped.  My hot flashes began to decrease; I got them less and less, then they stopped all together.

I am so pleased that I no longer need to walk with a towel to dry myself off and I’m also having great sleep at night.  It truly is a wonderful feeling to have the freedom to wear whatever I want without having to consider how much I’m going to sweat.

Thank you so much Dr Horning, you are truly awesome and my personal miracle worker.

Highest Regards

Lisa D.


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