I Was Feeling Much Healthier

My kidneys were functioning about 20%

Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend I received a phone call from my family physician.  He stated my kidneys were functioning about 20% and wanted me to see a kidney doctor, and also get a MRA in the MRI tunnel.

The next day I called Dr. Horning and he asked me to come in.  My blood pressure was far below normal, 90/48.  Doctor Horning discovered with chiropractic and AK, I was creating ammonia through out my whole body.  He recommended two supplements to me.  He also found out I was adversely affected to a medicine called Hisinopril, which my family physician put me on for two months, replacing Accupril, because my blood pressure was 135/85 and he thought it was too high.

I was taking the supplements Dr. Horning recommended, along with organic, sugar-free cranberry juice.  I also did my homework and detoxed my system with distilled water, apple cider vinegar, and organic lemons combined into a drink.  Within two days, Monday, I was feeling much healthier, my blood pressure was normal without the BP medicine, except for a small waterpill and a small dosage of Atenonal.  My renal report from the MRA showed normality and no damage.

Thank you Dr. Horning!

Barry W.

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New Lease on Life

Daily Stress Headaches and Migraines

A New Lease On Life

I came to Dr. Horning with an abundance of aches and pains as well as daily stress headaches and migraines.  In just a short amount of time, I can say that I haven’t felt better.

I have not had a headache or back pain in over 4 weeks.  Furthermore, Dr. Horning put me on a diet plan and already I have lost over 20 pounds.  I have more energy to do the things I enjoy, especially being able to play with my kids.

Prior to seeing Dr. Horning, like many others, I was skeptical of chiropractors and had never been to one.  I suffered injuries playing football many years ago and had been suffering ever since.

That is until I was pointed in Dr. Horning’s direction.  I am quite satisfied in my decision and look forward to a continued new lease on my life.

Josh G.

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I am 99% free of pain

Portrait of a blonde woman writing diary.I am 99% free of pain

I am a 28 year old female, and had been suffering from shoulder and back pains from almost 3 years when a colleague of mine literally forced me to go see Dr. Horning.

I used to get these muscle spasms in the middle of my back that used to make my upper body completely rigid making me like a robot.  Only 3-4 days of complete bed rest (I didn’t take any anti inflammatory drugs) helped ease the pain.  But it used to take almost 1-2 months to get some strength back in my shoulders. I assumed that my shoulder muscles were weak that caused these spasms and did some exercise to strengthen them.  But it wasn’t helping.

The spasms were relapsing once every 5-6 months and there was pain in shoulders 95% of the time.  When I again got a spasm, I finally went to an Orthopedic.  He took a couple of x-rays and told me there was nothing wrong and I need to undergo physical therapy.  But I needed immediate relief and also a diagnosis of the problem.  If there was nothing wrong with me, why did I have these muscle spasms so frequently?  This was not normal.  So I finally came to see Dr. Horning, with a degree of apprehension (since my experience with another chiropractor hadn’t been very nice).  He asked me a number of questions and I did a number of kinesiology tests to determine what was going on and what was wrong.  My faith in him kept increasing as time progressed and I started to feel better.

He was able to give me immediate relief as well as diagnose my problem.  I also understood that for chiropractic treatment to be useful I had to be patient and diligent about visiting his office 3 times a week.  I had to drive 40 miles to visit his office, 3 times a week.  I did that for 5 weeks and now finally it has paid off.  I need to come only once a week and I am 99% free of pain and can do lots of physical work as well.  Thanks to Dr. Horning I am not afraid of those muscle spasms anymore and know what’s wrong and what precautions I need to take.

S. B.

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I’ve been more productive at work, a lot less irritable, and having fun again.


I went to Dr. Horning with a myriad of health concerns that were affecting the quality of my life. One of my biggest concerns was the chronic fatigue and irritability that I was experiencing. It seemed to me that no matter how much rest and relaxation I was fortunate enough to have, I still felt exhausted. For the better part of two years, I’d take an hour nap every day just to get through the remainder of the day. If I knew it wasn’t unreasonable, I could’ve easily gone to bed for the night as early as 7 p.m. In fact, most nights I would force myself to stay up until 9 p.m. I’d sleep nine hours, yet I’d wake up feeling exhausted.

This was taking a toll on my career. As a fifth grade teacher, I hit the ground running and rarely stop for more than a minute or two throughout the day. I spend so much of my day interacting with other people, multi-tasking, problem-solving, teaching, and even learning. It’s a great job and I love doing it. However, I would find myself feeling irritable and easily annoyed. I wasn’t dealing with the stress involved with teaching as well as I used to and often noticed that I wasn’t enjoying what I do. I began to question the path I was on because I felt so drained, but I knew that teaching was the only thing in the world I’d ever want to do.

My personal life was negatively impacted, as well. If I wasn’t sleeping, I felt too exhausted to do anything else. I was losing interest in the things I always enjoyed. Simple tasks and requests felt like heavy burdens and I often found myself resenting loved ones around me.

When I heard about Dr. Horning and the success that he’s experienced with his patients, I wondered if he could help me. I scheduled an appointment and was thoroughly impressed. Dr. Horning found out that I have been suffering from Candida. He instructed me in the plan that I must follow to get rid of the Candida and I followed his instructions to the best of my ability. As early as two days into the plan I was noticing an increase in energy levels and a much more positive outlook on life. By 21 days, I was Candida free, full of energy, clarity of mind, and optimism. I’ve been more productive at work, a lot less irritable, and having fun again. Dr. Horning was able to help me turn my life around and I can’t thank him enough!

A. S.

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YES! You Can Have Your Bacon and Eat it Too.

Cholesterol Dropped From 270 to 194

Just over a year ago a blood test showed my cholesterol level at 270. My heart doctor had put me on different statins and I had bad reactions to them.

He insisted that I would have to use one and cut out eggs, bacon, etc. from my diet or face the possibility of a stroke or heart attack. I did have congestive heart failure 7 years ago.

Dr. Horning prescribed red yeast rice and advised me to still eat my normal foods in moderation.

Two months after starting on red yeast rice a test showed my cholesterol levels down to 211.

A recent blood test showed levels down to 194!

Amazingly, I still enjoy eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.

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A Life Without Pain Brings Joy!

Insomnia, Headaches, Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

I started seeing Dr. Horning in December after coming to the end of my rope with my pain. I had been in a car accident a year prior, and the pain was only getting worse. I had constant headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain that never went away. I was so frustrated that the current litany of doctors I was seeing – chiropractors, neurologist, pain management specialists – were not giving me any relief and didn’t seem to care that I was in pain and not getting any better. My boyfriend and a co-worker recommended Dr. Horning and when he first saw me and told me he could make me better I almost cried.

Within a few sessions of seeing Dr. Horning my headaches, neck and shoulder pain went away. My back started to feel better and I wasn’t in constant pain. I started exercising again and felt I was getting my life back.

I also suffered my whole life from insomnia. I tried every herbal concoction, meditation, yoga, relaxation music and medication on the market, and I just thought it was something I had to live with. I mentioned it to Dr. Horning and within 2 sessions I am now sleeping on my own for the first time in my life. I no longer dread going to bed thinking I’m going to lay awake for hours before I finally give in and take a pill. I actually look forward to going to be early and waking up feeling rested. Being able to fall asleep like a “normal” person has to be one of the most amazing changes in my life.

Dr. Horning has completely changed my life. The constant pain made me feel old and unhealthy and that life was only going to get worse. Now I feel there is a whole new purpose in my life and I look forward to each day.

Kristen K.

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Epstein-Barr Virus

For 25 years, I searched for the medical answer to the damaging effects of the Epstein-Barr Virus. It has left me physically weak and exhausted, mentally confused, unable to cope, my memory failing; in short, parts of me were slowly dying and I knew it. Years of doctor visits, blood tests and medication were very disappointing, to say the least. No one seemed to understand the problem.

One day, desperate to find the answer, with no place else to go, I arrived at Dr. Horning’s office armed with my latest blood results. I was surprised to hear him say, “It’s not in the blood,” and as he patiently explained the problem and the solution, I sat in stunned silence. After all those years of searching…could the answer really be that simple?

Well, I’ve stopped looking. Today, my symptoms from this virus are gone and it gives me a great deal of joy to tell others about the gift of healing God had in store for me here. Dr. Horning and Staff are one of those rare gifts that just keep on giving. Thank you… I am most grateful.

Linda L.R.

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