Heart Murmur and Apnea – Premature Infant

My daughter Veronica was born seven weeks premature and although she was able to come home she was put on an apnea (apnea is a period of time during which breathing stops or is markedly reduced) monitor.

Shortly after being discharged from the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit ) I had to rush her back to the emergency room because she began having apnea episodes. She was diagnosed with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and a heart murmur.

When she was well enough to return home, I brought her to Dr. Horning for her first adjustment. She has had no apnea episodes since.
Dr. Horning also diagnosed her allergy to formula which was causing rectal bleeding. The emergency room doctors wanted to operate on her but because of Dr.Horning, she was spared an unnecessary surgery and just put a on hypoallergenic formula.
Thanks again Doc!
S. S.



Headaches, Fatigue, Mood Swings, High Blood Pressure, and Tongue Swelling

 The reason why I came to Dr. Horning was because one weekend I was eating pizza and my tongue swelled.

I was already suffering from headaches, fatigue, mood swings, and high blood pressure. My mother in law is a patient of Dr. Horning. She has been telling me for months to make an appointment with Dr. Horning. I finally made an appointment and he said he could help me.

Dr. Horning has helped me with my headaches, fatigue, mood swings, and my blood pressure is at an all time low. I discovered I am allergic to some foods and that was why my tongue was swelling. Dr. Horning has helped me resolve this problem too.

Dr. Horning is a very caring doctor who puts his patients’ needs first. I highly recommend Dr. Horning!



Dry, Flaky Legs: What’s the Solution?

Dry, Flaky Legs: What’s the Solution?

Dry flaky skin and eczema are often signs of a deficiency in omega-3 fats; increasing these healthy fats in your diet and via supplementation may boost your skin’s appearance

Limiting sugar and grains, and supplementing with fermented foods or beneficial probiotic bacteria, may help to reduce eczema and slow premature aging of your skin

Eating plenty of whole, bioavailable organic foods, including plenty of fresh vegetables, is your number one strategy for supplying the necessary nutrients your skin needs to thrive

Dry skin brushing combined with use of a natural scrub to exfoliate, followed by a natural moisturizer, can help to get rid of dry skin topically  Source: N Engl J Med 2008; 358:1483-1494

Client Testimonial: Chronic Shoulder Pain, Spider Veins and More…

After learning that Dr. Horning treats his patients naturally and holistically, I decided to see him about my chronic shoulder pain and increasing appearance of spider veins. I had been suffering from severe shoulder pain for more than four years. While massages and heating pads provided temporary relief and relaxation, it was never long before my pain returned full force. With Dr. Horning’s help, I have not felt any shoulder pain for almost an entire year. My spider veins have not only lightened, but no additional ones have appeared since I began chiropractic care.

At the beginning of this year, I hit my head on a block of wood and suffered from a very painful concussion. My symptoms lingered for months afterward and eventually began to worsen. I visited my physician and the ER, but with the first indication that I may need to start taking medication, I immediately called Dr. Horning.

Within two weeks of visits to his office, my headaches and dizziness stopped entirely and have not returned. In addition to treating physical symptoms, Dr. Horning addressed issues I had been having with anxiety and consequent insomnia.  My sleeping patterns have significantly improved and, even amidst stressful circumstances, I find myself getting through each day with a clearer head and sense of well-being.

I am extremely grateful and relieved to have a doctor who can treat me for any condition in a way that is safe and natural, without any harmful side effects. I recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better and improve their quality of life.



The Danger of Sugary Drinks

Sugary Drinks Linked to Over 180,000 Deaths Worldwide

Fructose in Sugary DrinksPreliminary research suggests sugary beverages are to blame for about 183,000 deaths worldwide each year, including 133,000 diabetes deaths, 44,000 heart disease deaths and 6,000 cancer deaths

Among the 35 largest countries in the world, Mexico had the highest death rates associated with sugary beverage consumption. The US ranked third, with an estimated 25,000 annual deaths from sweetened drinks

Fructose has been identified as one of the primary culprits in the rise of obesity and related health problems, and while the majority of the problem is caused by the large quantities of high fructose corn syrup added to so many processed foods and sweetened beverages, naturally-occurring fructose in large amounts of fruit juice is also a problem

Coca-Cola recently released its latest enhanced water product called “Fruitwater.” Despite its name, the product does NOT contain any juice. Rather it’s sweetened with the artificial sweetener sucralose and synthetic chemical “natural fruit flavors”

Your most cost effective ideal beverage is plain filtered tap water. If you want a carbonated beverage, try sparkling mineral water with a squirt of lime or lemon juice  Source:   CNN August 31, 2011 WebMD March 19, 2013

Client Testimonials: Back Pain


(After many back surgeries including a morphine pump)

Last week for the first time in three years, I was able to, not only ride to Del. to see my sister, but was able to drive for two hours!

All thanks to Dr. Horning. I have only been seeing him for a month, but the difference I feel, as far as my pain, is like day and night.

I have been to every doctor, you could imagine, and not one could help my pain. Except, Dr. Horning, that is. He and his staff are great, kind and very professional.

I am so glad that my friend Sue recommended me to him. I can only look forward to my visits with him, as I improve.


Client Testimonial: Blood Pressure Reduced

In July of 2011, my Uncle referred me to Dr. Horning.  He was a long time patient of Dr. Horning and admired the quality of care Dr. Horning provided him over the years.  From time to time, I would have pain in my lower back and pain between my shoulder blades.  This was result from a car accident a few years ago.  I was in need of relief so I contacted Dr. Horning’s office late December 2011.

After the first visit, I was sold.  Dr. Horning treated my back issues intensely over the next month.  I was on the road to recovery.  The education I received prior to treatments will make me a smarter patient for years to come.

In February, I came to Dr. Horning with a different problem.  My blood pressure was elevated and I didn’t want to start blood pressure medicine at such an early age.  Dr. Horning had provided me with an alternative solution to medicine – BRT.  I read a booklet and agreed to try the BRT method.  My blood pressure before beginning the program was 138/88.  I’m ecstatic to announce my blood pressure after three visits for treating my high blood pressure is 128/74.  The results have remained close to 128/74 for over a month.  This was not a one-time lucky strike!

Thank you to Dr. Horning and his staff.  They made a difference in my life and I’m very happy to refer their services to my family and friends.

S. H.