Good Samaritan Saves Injured Teen, Thanks “Shark Week” for Guidance

Good News Friday

Good Samaritan Saves Injured Teen, Thanks “Shark Week” for Guidance

I have been noticing the incredible amount of bad news being published in the news, newspapers, television and radio, and even in medical advertisements.

Looking at all this bad news, one doesn’t need to imagine why there is so much depression around. It is all too easy to lose hope and become depressed – if you listen to the bad news. One might even wonder if there is some plan to make it all seem worse than it really is.

Well, I for one am tired of bad news! To fight back against this onslaught of bad news, and to spread cheer and give reason not to be depressed, I have decided to start a good news campaign!

So, each week, I am going to find and send to you good news. I also invite you to send me good news which you find, so that I can share this with others. Together, maybe we can start an underground campaign of good news to bring happiness, hope and a brighter looking future.

Will you join me in spreading good news?

Good Samaritan Saves Injured Teen, Thanks “Shark Week” for Guidance

By Ali Swank

Robert Nicholas may be the best advertisement for Discovery Channel’s annual “Shark Week” yet. Without any formal medical training, Nicholas applied knowledge he gained from watching one of the network’s shows to come to the aid of an injured 16-year-old.

Bailey Mcgroarty and three other teens suffered injuries after their Jeep overturned in the town of Boston, New York, last Thursday. According to a New York State Police report, Mcgroarty’s friend lost control of the Jeep when he drove off onto the unpaved shoulder and overcorrected, causing the vehicle to overturn. Mcgroarty sustained an arm laceration with arterial bleeding.

“I remember screaming for help as a car drove by,” Mcgroarty told WGRZ. When Nicholas saw the teens, he immediately pulled over. 

Nicholas is not a doctor, and he said he doubted that he would be able to help, as “there was a lot of blood.” Another passenger in the Jeep had reportedly attempted to stop the bleeding by applying a tourniquet, but it wasn’t effective. When Nicholas arrived on the scene, he had more success, crediting tips he gleaned about life-saving tourniquets during last week’s Discovery Channel “Shark Week” marathon. So he got to work and assisted the teens until paramedics arrived.

“The tourniquet probably did save his life, due to the amount of blood he was losing,” New York State Police Department Officer Richard Casperek told Yahoo! Shine. Neither Mcgroarty nor Nicholas had returned Shine’s requests for comment by Tuesday evening.

Michael Mcgroarty, Bailey’s father, didn’t know just how horrific the accident truly was until later. He said to WGRZ, “What his friends did, what Robert did, it’s just amazing.”

On Sunday, Nicholas visited the four teens after Mcgroarty was released from the hospital. Through tears, Mcgroarty shook hands with his hero, adding, “I just want to say, I am grateful.”


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It hurt to chew my food.

Health through ChiropracticMy dentist recommended Dr. Horning.  I was grinding my teeth in my sleep.  It hurt to chew my food and the back of my neck ached often. 

 Dr. Horning’s x-rays showed my spine was injured and was not curved corrected.  I started treatments three times a week.  I was a bit nervous at first then I saw improvement and began to relax.

After two months, I was amazed.  I caught myself doing things without pain like eating or moving my head from side to side.  I had a general increase in energy level as well.  I am glad that I came to him.  I am afraid of the pills or surgery.  This was a great alternative.


Baseball Pitching Elbow Pain

Baseball Pitching Elbow Pain

I can’t think of much I love doing more than pitching but I couldn’t do it anymore.

I’m 48 years old and feel 28 except for my left elbow. I went to two different orthopedic doctors for 3 years with numerous diagnoses but no results.

After 5 or 6 Cortisone injections and recommended surgery, I was frustratingly out of options—except one.

I gave the history to Dr. Horning and he set a course of treating the nerves in my elbow instead of just the tendons and ligaments.

Miraculously, within 90 days, not only could I throw again without pain but I’m back to the velocity I had in my 30’s—UNBELIEVABLE!!

Thank you sir!


Oreos Are Found to Be as Addictive as Cocaine

oreoOreos Are Found to Be as Addictive as Cocaine

According to a recent animal study, Oreo cookies are just as addictive as cocaine or morphine, activating more neurons in the brain’s pleasure center than exposure to illicit drugs

Most processed foods are actually created to be addictive—whether we’re talking about cookies or pasta sauce—through the masterful use of addictive ingredients like salt, fat, sugar and a wide variety of proprietary flavorings

In a shocking twist, the European Union has approved a health claim for fructose, slated to take effect as of 2014

Food manufacturers that replace at least 30 percent of the glucose and/or sucrose content in their food with fructose will be allowed to state their product has a positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity

While fructose creates a lower glycemic response immediately after eating it, compared to sucrose or glucose, it is grossly misleading to say it’s therefore healthier for you, as this completely ignores its overall metabolic consequences  Source:   1College of Connecticut October 15, 2013

Curcumin: The Spice That Can Potentially Help Your Health in 150 Different Ways

Curcumin: The Spice That Can Potentially Help Your Health in 150 Different Ways

TurmericCurcumin crosses the blood-brain barrier and exhibits potent neuroprotective properties, leading researchers to investigate it as a possible drug alternative in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease

Unlike Parkinson’s drugs, curcumin, a polyphenol identified as the primary active component of the spice turmeric, it reduces inflammation and oxidative damage in the brain

Curcumin has also shown promise for preventing other brain disorders, including dementia, Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is related to certain lifestyle factors, including exposure to pesticides, paint and solvents, and vitamin D deficiency; animal-based omega-3 fats are also a powerful defense against Parkinson’s  Sources: Current Pharmaceutical Design January 2012  Green Med Info

Researching Chiropractic- Carpal tunnel syndrome, feet numbness and ear pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome, feet numbness and ear pain. A 56-year-old man, suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel symptoms, numbness in both feet after sitting, and pain and fullness in the left ear, began chiropractic care. Other symptoms included left ear pain and fullness with dizziness and progressive hearing loss (over the past twenty years). The patient was on ten different medications for blood pressure, anxiety, muscle spasms and fluid retention.


Spinal subluxations were identified at multiple levels of the spine and addressed by Network Spinal Analysis care. His first re-evaluation showed positive changes in carpel tunnel, foot numbness and ear pain. His auditory exam four months from the start of care showed improvement, especially with lower frequencies. The improvement in hearing continued, and then was maintained over the course of treatment. (1)

1. Feeley K, Kemp A. Improvement in Meniere’s Disease, balance, coordination & quality of life following Network Spinal Analysis care. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. November 25, 2013:107-119.