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9 Foods with more sugar than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut

DoughnutLuna bars, a latte, orange juice, yogurt, and certain restaurant salads and superfood smoothies have much more sugar than a doughnut

In the US, the average American eats 40 teaspoons of sugar per day, or more

Added sugars make up 17 percent of the average American’s diet

There may be a threshold level in the body for sugar below which it causes little or no harm… but once you pass it, health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer, are likely to emerge

Sugar is highly addictive, so limiting or eliminating your sugar intake is the most effective way to break free from this disease-causing cycle  Source: Credit Suisse September 2013

Another Health Fraud — “Fat-Blocking” Soda

SodaAnother Health Fraud — “Fat-Blocking” Soda

Pepsi Special is being marketed as a “fat-blocking soda,” as it claims to help reduce your body’s absorption of fat.

Japan’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition allows the soda to bear the designation as a “food for specified health use.” These are foods that are intended to be consumed “by people who wish to control health conditions, including blood pressure or blood cholesterol.”

Soda is a leading contributor to the rising rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases facing much of the developed world, and any claims that adding fiber to it will make transform it into a health drink are simply beyond deceptive.

Type-2 diabetics, cholesterol reducing, weight loss with Berberine

JuiceType-2 diabetics, cholesterol reducing, weight loss with Berberine

 by Jonathan Landsman

We know there are many foods, herbs and spices designed to balance blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Yet, western medicine ignores this reality by promoting the use of life-threatening conventional diabetes medication.

Western medicine must catch up with good science. There are studies which show that a natural plant alkaloid – berberine – is as effect as the diabetic drug metformin. Berberine is an alkaloid, which is present in a number of plants, including barberry,oregon grape and goldenseal.

A major problem with commonly used diabetic drugs

Metformin is commonly the first tablet advised if your blood glucose level is not controlled by lifestyle measures alone. Most conventionally-trained doctors think metformin is particularly useful if you are overweight – as it is less likely than some other glucose-lowering tablets to cause weight gain.

A sulfonylurea tends to be used if you cannot take metformin (perhaps because of side-effects), or if you are not overweight. These include gliclazide, glimepiride and glipizide. And, these drugs work by increasing the amount of insulin that your pancreas can produce.

Diabetic drugs lead to weight gain

A noticeable effect of extra serum insulin results in a constant hunger state, which results in overeating leading to more body fat. Fat causes greater amounts of insulin to be secreted from the pancreases – which causes hyperinsulinemia.

The toxic role of excess insulin is noted in virtually every age-related disease. This has been corroborated by numerous studies. One known effect is weight gain, which leads to becoming insulin resistant and to rely on a greater quantity of insulin augmenting drugs.

Simply put, aging, poor diet plus other factors deprive cells of insulin sensitivity – especially in type-1 diabetics. Loss of insulin sensitivity contributes to excess insulin release as the body seeks to force serum glucose into cells.

Is berberine better than diabetic drugs?

Studies show that berberine can lower glucose levels as well as metaformin. Compared with metformin, berberine exhibited an identical effect in the regulation of glucose metabolism in both fasting insulin and postprandial insulin.

In the regulation of lipid metabolism it has been found that berberine activity is better than metformin. It was shown to lower triglycerides and total cholesterol significantly.

What is the history of berberine?

Berberine has been used for more than 2,500 years in both Aryuvedic and Chinese medicine, because of its wide range of healthful effects including cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. It acts against bacterial diarrhea, intestinal parasites, fungal infections and Canadida albicans.

Surprisingly, berberine has demonstrated an anti-obesity effect in numerous studies. In fact, berberine reduces the size and number of fat cells within the body.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, patients recently diagnosed with diabetes and cholesterol/triglyceride abnormalities but hadn’t yet started on medication took either 500 mg of berberine or a placebo capsule twice a day.

After three months, berberine supplementation not only significantly lowered blood sugar but also triglycerides (35.9 percent), LDL cholesterol (21 percent), and total cholesterol (18 percent) – compared to minimal declines in cholesterol and an increase in triglycerides in the control group.

In addition, the group taking berberine had lower blood pressure and modest weight and abdominal fat loss.

Why is barbering so effective?

Berberine acts through several mechanisms, including mimicking insulin, improving insulin action and reducing insulin resistance and up-regulation of insulin receptor expression. Collaboration between Chinese, Korean, and Australian scientists at Sydney’s Garvan Institute indicates berberine is helpful in treating diabetes.

The research indicates, in animal models, that berberine acts in part by activating an enzyme in the muscle and liver that is involved in improving sensitivity of the tissue to insulin. This in turn helps lower blood sugar levels.

A better way to balance blood sugar

Weight loss alone can reverse both pre-diabetes and even type-2 diabetes. Published in the journal Phytomedicine, a recent study from South Dakota researchers found that berberine helped people lose weight – safely and effectively. Berberine was found to increase the “expression” (number and activity) of insulin receptors. The increase in number and activity of course enables the same amount of insulin to be more effective than before.

Naturally, there are many ways to regulate (normalize) blood sugar in type-2 diabetics – including an organic diet of whole (fresh) foods; moderate exercise; nutritional supplementation – especially magnesium and vitamin C plus the use of herbs and spices. Don’t ignore the health dangers associated with blood sugar imbalances – your quality of life depends on it.


Hope this helps,

Dr. Horning

Client Testimonial – “Tired Eyes,” Lack of Energy, Ringing In My Ears

Testimonial Success!           I had two issues that I hoped Dr. Horning could help me alleviate: (1) something I referred to as “tired eyes” which I also associated with a general lack of energy (2) ringing in my ears that has been progressively worsening.

I have been a student of nutrition and wholistic approaches to wellness for years.  Over the years I had been addressing the first issue methodically and wholistically.  I had rid myself of the horrible headaches and more intense eye pressure that used to characterize my pain but I was left with my current daily eye pain and associated fatigue.  I refer to it as “associated fatigue” because, where my body wasn’t tired, all I could do was think about sleeping to ease the stress in my eyes.  By 11 am on most days, I was already looking forward to the daily nap that I was able to take when my toddler took his.  My nap would occasionally be refreshing and by early evening, my eyes were usually screaming for more sleep.

I met Dr. Horning through the recommendation of a trusted friend who is also studying to be a chiropractor one day.  Dr. Horning felt confident that he could help me with both issues.  After taking some x-rays, it was confirmed that I had a couple of spinal misalignments.  Additionally, we also determined that I had food allergies (wheat (but not gluten), oranges, and corn) that Dr. Horning felt significantly contributed to my eye problem.  After receiving adjustments for a few weeks and not eating the offending foods which I ate on a daily basis, my eyes felt fine.  I can hardly believe it?!  Who would have guessed that allergies played such a significant role?

I have learned that responses to allergies are extremely variable from person to person and that, within a person, offending foods don’t necessarily trigger identical responses.  For example, when I eat an orange or a sandwich on thick (a lot of0 bread, you can virtually see the change coming over my face.  But I seem to be fine when I eat a thin crust slice of pizza or a small burrito.  Had I not met Dr. Horning, I would never have guessed that allergies were largely responsible for my “eye fatigue” issue.

The ringing in my ears is still present (it did actually disappear for a few blissful days).  However, this is something that Dr. Horning is confident that he can help me with.

I am grateful that I met Dr. Horning.  It is a great relief to know that I can go about a normal day.  I had been fearing the day that I either went back to work outside of the home or my son gave up his naps, whichever came first.  It’s not good to live with any kind of fear and I am glad I no longer do.



Kids Who Drink Raw Milk Have Less Asthma and Allergies

Raw Milk Benefits

School-aged children who drank raw milk were 41 percent less likely to develop asthma and about 50 percent less likely to develop hay fever than children who drank store-bought (pasteurized) milk

The beneficial effect may have been due to whey proteins, including BSA and alpha-lactalbumin, in the raw milk, which were destroyed by the heating process in the pasteurized milk

Raw milk is rich in beneficial raw fats, amino acids, and proteins in a highly bioavailable form, all 100-percent digestible

Drinking concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) milk raw would be extremely dangerous, as it must be pasteurized for safety; milk from grass-fed cows raised on smaller, clean farms can be safely consumed without being pasteurized, provided the farmer is committed to providing a safe, quality product  Source: Reuters September 13, 2011

Client Testimonial: Asthma, Leg Pain, Hip Pain

Testimonial Success! THANK YOU!

 I should have said this so many years ago, when I came to your office in pain, suffering from my asthma. I was healed and it just disappeared. Recently I was in pain. I went to my medical Doctor, I was told to have a x-ray done on my left shoulder. Instead I went to see Dr Horning. After one visit without the x-ray, my pain from as high as 10 went to a 5 and now I don’t even have it anymore.

I was also experiencing leg pain and hip pain and now all gone. I thank GOD for all this wonderful healing. And I thank you too for the wonderful staff you have, so sweet to us. and so very accommodating. I speak about you and your people very highly to everyone I know, from young to seniors. I really would like to share the HEALING  WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS.

I am also very thankful for my DAUGHTER’S HEALING, she said she is free of HEADACHES and BACK PAIN that she had since she was on the 6th grade. She is now on her first year college second semester. She calls me, if she has no ride to bring her to see the MIRACLE DOCTOR. Before she refused to see him, but now she doesn’t want to miss the treatment.

MORE THANKS coming from the people that I referred to see Dr. Horning..