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Nervous SystemAll your parts are connected. You touch your little toe and feel it because messages from your toe go up to your brain. All parts of your body are connected to your brain. Right now messages are whizzing around all over your body, most of them so deep and so complex that you have no idea it’s happening.

Every second you are juggling hundreds of millions, even billions, of chemical reactions – all coordinated by your brain.

The role of the chiropractor is to make sure this communication system – brain, spinal cord and nerves – is not interfered with. A common type of interference are subluxations – spinal distortions that stress, irritate, inflame and interfere with messages that travel through the nerves.

The role of the chiropractor is to check you for interferences in your spine and structural system and correct or release your interferences so you will function better and have improved healing, balance and energy.



beach daySummertime

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

Your daddy’s rich and your momma’s good looking

So hush little baby don’ you cry


Those are the lyrics from “Summertime” from the famous American opera Porgy and Bess.

It’s easy to tell people to relax and take it easy, but finding inner peace is an art. So many things hold us back: memories, hurts, traumas and other emotional scars often prevent us from living in the present.

The past is the past. Don’t let it kill you. Get over the bad things that happened. It’s gone. People change. Memories remain. But it’s time to move on. ― Unknown

Too many people try too hard. After the work is done, after you’ve done everything you can, it’s ok to give yourself permission to compliment yourself, and give yourself permission to let it all go. Give yourself permission to be at peace and enjoy the summertime, where the livin’ is easy. Let this vacation time be a time of rejuvenation physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Discover how natural health can be

bubbles!Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic – the largest natural, drug-free, surgery-free, expressive healthcare system in the world.

More and more families are discovering that periodic chiropractic checkups and adjustments promote health and healing without drugs and dangerous medical treatments.

More and more people are turning away from symptom treatment and choosing natural ways of achieving and maintaining health.


Tired of taking drugs? Welcome to the world of chiropractic – discover how natural health can be.

Honey – the magical balm

HoneyAll Chinese medicine doctors would give honey to treat dehydration, pain, fatigue and boost Chi energy. Other folk and herbal medicine traditions used honey for coughs, bronchitis and immunity. Honey was also added to various medicinal and herbal preparations.


In a study of 100 children (2-18 years old) with upper respiratory infections who were given either buckwheat honey, dextromethorphan or nothing, those given honey found the most relief. (1)


  1. Paul IM, Breiler J, McMonagle, A et al. Effect of honey, dextromethorphan, and no treatment on nocturnal cough and sleep quality for coughing children and their parents. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2007;161(12):1140-1146.

85% of measles outbreak victims already received vaccinations

Babyby: Ethan A. Huff

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is giddily engaging in a mass political orgy over measles after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the disease is allegedly spreading in large part due to foreign travelers and the unvaccinated. But a recent slip by KYW Newsradio 1060 in Philadelphia revealed that 85 percent of reported measles cases are, in fact, occurring in people who already received their vaccinations.

Catherine J. Frompovich from Activist Post says she heard the statistic blurted out during a recent KYW 1060 broadcast, only to find no further trace of it on the news website or on any subsequent broadcasts. But the statement, as she recalls it, went something along the lines of this:

“The current all-time-high measles outbreak in California since measles was ‘eradicated’ due to vaccines and vaccinations, has local health authorities stumped because 85 percent of those contracting measles were fully vaccinated.”

Frompovich was so taken aback by this statement, especially since it apparently contradicts official CDC data, that she had to let the world know about it. Yet, it is hardly surprising since previous similar outbreaks, including a major outbreak in New York where 20 people fell ill with measles. Of these, 18, or 90 percent, had already been vaccinated for measles, which supports the 85 percent figure admitted by KYW 1060.

“According to the New York State Department of Health, two of 20 people infected in a recent measles outbreak in New York City were children who had not been vaccinated by their parent’s [sic] choice,” admits Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, suggesting that these two unvaccinated children were somehow the cause of the outbreak. However, no mention is made of the glaring anomaly that 90 percent of the children who should have been protected by the vaccine were, in fact, not protected.

Vaccines spread disease, not unvaccinated people

And yet, these and other inconvenient facts are missing from all the latest media reports on measles outbreaks, which deceptively insinuate that unvaccinated children are spreading this disease. In most cases involving outbreaks of not only measles but also whooping cough (pertussis) and other infectious diseases, it is the vaccinated who are responsible for both contracting and spreading disease.

“In any and all infectious disease case reports, it should be mandatory by HHS/CDC, plus state and local health authorities, to report the following: (a) whether the individual has been vaccinated; (b) the type(s) of vaccine(s); and (c) vaccination dates, since some infectious diseases can be caused by what’s referred to as ‘shedding,'” wrote Frompovich.
Shedding, of course, refers to the common occurrence of vaccinated children carrying around live viruses and exposing others to them during the early days following vaccination. The combination measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, for instance, has a three-month recommended waiting period in pregnant women, as the vaccine can spread live viruses to unborn babies still in the womb.

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) found that a germ associated with whooping cough persisted in vaccinated baboons for an average of 35 days following vaccination with the acellular shot, and 18 days with the whole-cell shot.

When placed next to other baboons not exposed to the germ, the vaccinated baboons were found to shed the virus and infect the other baboons, clearly illustrating that vaccines — not unvaccinated people — spread disease.

Sources for this article include:


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What’s New and Beneficial About Onions?


Onions are rich in sulfur-containing compounds and other phytochemicals that may boost heart health, offer protection against cancer and diabetes, boost bone health, and more

Onions have a wealth of beneficial properties. They’re anti-allergic, anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant

Onions have a particularly high concentration of beneficial polyphenols, with more polyphenols than garlic, leeks, tomatoes, carrots, and red bell pepper

Wild onions have been enjoyed since the very early ages, and were likely a staple in the prehistoric diet. Source: World’s Healthiest Foods, Onions