GMO and cancer link ignored by a major medical journal

www.drhorning.comGMO and cancer link ignored by a major medical journal

By Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D.

Gutless medical journal caves to GMO bullying

You know the difference between a medical journal editor and a jellyfish? The editor is at least supposed to have a spine.

If you can’t stand up to big corporations with special interests—if you’re not prepared to publish quality research and let the chips fall where they may—you have no business running a medical journal … because that’s how people get hurt.

Earlier this month, the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology made the gutless decision to retract a study linking genetically modified (GMO) crops to tumors in mice. They said, upon further review, researchers didn’t use enough mice, and that the particular breed used was susceptible to tumors.

And they’re so full of bull they ought to be wearing horns and a cowbell.

But first, I know what you’re thinking. What’s this “upon further review” business? Aren’t these studies reviewed BEFORE they’re published? You bet they are. And this one, led by a top French scientist, spent four months under extensive peer review before it EVER saw the light of day.

So what changed? Well, the second this controversial study went to print, the entire GMO industry launched a major public relations blitz attacking the research and the journal itself. And instead of hanging in there … instead of fighting for truth and science … Food and Chemical Toxicology folded like a poker player with nothing but a pair of deuces.

The journal even hired a former employee of Monsanto (a top GMO firm) to start editing biotech papers, a move that Independent Science News said raised “urgent questions.”

The next thing you know, Food and Chemical Toxicology was retracting the same GMO study it previously approved for publication, spewing bogus excuses no sane person would believe.

Let’s be clear. The 200 mice used in this research were reportedly the most EVER used for a standard GMO diet study. Plus, scientists analyzed the effect of GMO corn on mice for two full years, compared to the 90-day time window Monsanto itself had used in a previous study.

And thank God for that extra time, because the tumors started appearing at around the four-month mark.

Not since the days of Big Tobacco has an entire industry fought so hard and spent so much to keep you in the dark about products they swear are safe. GMO companies and Big Food fat cats have spent a king’s ransom to prevent state and national labeling laws, even though poll after poll show that the public wants to know which crops have been genetically modified.

There’s plenty about GMO crops that the GMO industry doesn’t want you to know. Let’s hope we have enough scientists and policymakers committed to exposing the truth before it’s too late. Right now, we’re in desperate need of a few more brave souls.


Journal retracts controversial GMO cancer study: (

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Patient Testimonial – Migraine Headaches

Patient TestimonialI began coming to Dr. Horning about one month ago.  I have lived with migraines since I was 9 years old.  I am now 54.  I also came because my back, shoulders and spine were very painful.  I work two jobs and need to be okay.

Most of the time I was living in pain from head-to-toe.  My migraines were staying for 6-13 hours at a time.

Dr. Horning checked me for a lot of allergies and found I was allergic to milk.  I gave up milk three weeks ago and have had one migraine in one month.

Regarding my shoulders, back and spine, let’s just say the pain is almost gone!  Dr. Horning helped me years ago with major gastrointestinal  problems and I am very happy to say again, “He is a miracle worker.”

I am forever grateful for Dr. Horning and his wonderful, caring staff.


Who wants to keep you in the dark?

Keeping you in the darkOregon and Colorado had ballot initiatives to require mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Junk food and chemical corporations are spending million$ to fight these laws to prevent you from knowing whether or not your food contains GMOs. Sadly, the right-to-know people were outspent and the initiatives failed in Colorado but as of this writing the Oregon vote is too close to call. Who are the companies fighting to prevent you from knowing if foods are GMO? Below is a list and a breakdown of what they spent in Colorado and Oregon respectively. (1)


  • Monsanto: $4.7/$4.8 million
  • DuPont/Pioneer (Oregon only): $3.04 million
  • Pepsi: $1.65/$1.4 million
  • Coca-Cola: $1.1/$.7 million
  • Kraft Foods: $1.03/$.87 million
  • General Mills: $820,000/$695,000
  • The Hershey Co.: $380,000/$320,000
  • J.M. Smucker Co.: $345,000/$295,000
  • Dow Agrosciences, a Dow Chemical Company: $300,000/$368,000
  • Kellogg Co.: $250,000/$250,000
  • Conagra Foods: $250,000/$250,000
  • Flowers Food Inc. (Oregon only): $250,000
  • Smithfield Foods (Oregon only): $200,000
  • Land O’Lakes (Oregon only): $760,000

There is presently a boycott of the above companies as they try to prevent you from knowing if your food contains GMOs. Please join it.

For a list of companies who contributed for and against labeling laws go to: