After being diagnosed with Lyme disease,

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, and endlessly suffering with vision loss, dizziness and severe joint pain, I turned to Dr. Horning’s chiropractic service.
Within one week, my vision returned, and I was not dizzy. Radically different than the life I have been suffering through for close to three years.
I am truly a believer. Thank you!
Alicia L.

On a Thursday evening, the left side of

On a Thursday evening, the left side of my face went numb. I was having trouble closing my left eye and I couldn’t smile. I was very sensitive to sounds. Everything sounded louder than it really was. I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening.
Friday morning I went to see Dr. Horning. He explained to me that I had Bell’s Palsy. Dr. Horning also explained that the cause of Bell’s Palsy is unknown in most cases. He began treating me right away with adjustments and BRT. After the first treatment, I was able close my left eye again. I received treatments everyday after that.
By Wednesday, I was able to smile normally again without being self-conscious.
Sounds didn’t bother me as much either. Within less than one week, I was back to my normal self.
I believe that starting treatments with Dr. Horning so fast after the onset of Bell’s Palsy helped my symptoms from getting as serious as they could have been.
Thank you Dr. Horning!
Julie S.