This is a truly a success story!! My ene

This is a truly a success story!!
My energy levels are up. I feel 10 years younger. I’m losing weight (gradually). My eating habits have improved. My anxiety is at an all time low. I don’t feel like my wheels are spinning all the time. I feel good about myself and walk with a spring in my step and Dr. Horning and I accomplished all this in just 6 weeks. Before BRT, I was tired by 2:00 pm, melancholy, and felt hurried all the time- no time for me or relaxation.
But now-WOW! I should have done this a long time ago!


I’ve developed a rash on my legs, arms a

I’ve developed a rash on my legs, arms and back over two years ago. It never appeared on my face. They were red bumps and they itched so bad it drove me crazy. I went to twelve doctors, three were dermatologists. I also went to Virtua Hospital twice, Cooper Hospital and the University of Penn. No one knew what I had.
I was given shots of prednisone and cortisone. I was also given many prescriptions and steroid creams. I was so full of toxins, I was passing out. I was so weak I couldn’t walk from my living room to my kitchen. My daughters were making my meals and bringing me Ensure to help me regain my strength. I was also losing my hair and was very depressed.
I went to a holistic doctor who put me on a diet of raw vegetables and fresh fruit. He said he would see me in six weeks. I was scratching so much I was bleeding. I could not wait six weeks with no relief.
A friend recommended Dr. Horning but I really had no faith in anyone helping me at this point. She told me I should try one more time.
I have been coming to Dr. Horning now for over two months. My rash is fading and the itching has almost stopped completely. I have my strength back. I am back doing my own housework and yard work. It’s unbelievable. I am so happy and it’s done without drugs. Also my hair is coming back.
Fran T.