Leg and Thigh Pain In an effort to relie

Leg and Thigh Pain
In an effort to relieve the pain in my left leg/left side/thigh
area and to prevent a knee replacement, I was referred to
Dr. Horning. I’d like to call this success story, “My 1st Miracle
Story with Dr. Horning.”
When I came to see Dr. Horning in February 2015, I was
experiencing pain on the left side of my left leg, thigh area.
On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was at the highest level – a 10!
On May 8, 2015, I was happy to report a pain level of 0! It was
then I realized that the 10 pain level had greatly affected my
home and social life. I should have realized the great affect
when a friend came into my home and asked, “What happened
here?” Yes, the pain did prevent me from doing not only my
house work but also my social activities.
Before seeing Dr. Horning, I was referred to many doctors.
The general consensus was to get a knee replacement. Many
tests/x-rays confirmed that a knee replacement was needed.
However, none of these doctors were able to assure me that a
knee replacement would stop the pain in my leg. The first doctor,
2 years ago, wanted to give me cortisone shot in the knee. I
reminded him that I did not have pain in my knee.
After an x-ray of my left hip, there was talk about a hip
replacement. It was then I made an appointment with Dr. Horning.
Dr. Horning’s evaluation confirmed that I had many issues to
deal with. Another way of saying this is that I had many miracles
to experience. Also with Dr. Horning’s confidence that he could
help me is what convinced me to start with chiropractic treatments.
How am I now? My energy level is high. I am back to doing my
house work. My windows shine. My living room and dining room
furniture, I have rearranged! I am again involved in some social
activities. I look forward to writing about more miracles as I continue
working with Dr. Horning.
Sandra R.


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