Success Story
Written by Andrea S.
I went to Dr. Horning with a myriad of health concerns that were affecting the quality of my life. One of my biggest concerns was the chronic fatigue and irritability that I was experiencing. It seemed to me that no matter how much rest and relaxation I was fortunate enough to have, I still felt exhausted. For the better part of two years, I’d take an hour nap every day just to get through the remainder of the day. If I knew it wasn’t unreasonable, I could’ve easily gone to bed for the night as early as 7 p.m. In fact, most nights I would force myself to stay up until 9 p.m. I’d sleep nine hours, yet I’d wake up feeling exhausted.
This was taking a toll on my career. As a fifth grade teacher, I hit the ground running and rarely stop for more than a minute or two throughout the day. I spend so much of my day interacting with other people, multi-tasking, problem-solving, teaching, and even learning. It’s a great job and I love doing it. However, I would find myself feeling irritable and easily annoyed. I wasn’t dealing with the stress involved with teaching as well as I used to and often noticed that I wasn’t enjoying what I do. I began to question the path I was on because I felt so drained, but I knew that teaching was the only thing in the world I’d ever want to do.
My personal life was negatively impacted, as well. If I wasn’t sleeping, I felt too exhausted to do anything else. I was losing interest in the things I always enjoyed. Simple tasks and requests felt like heavy burdens and I often found myself resenting loved ones around me.
When I heard about Dr. Horning and the success that he’s experienced with his patients, I wondered if he could help me. I scheduled an appointment and was thoroughly impressed. Dr. Horning found out that I have been suffering from Candida. He instructed me in the plan that I must follow to get rid of the Candida and I followed his instructions to the best of my ability. As early as two days into the plan I was noticing an increase in energy levels and a much more positive outlook on life. By 21 days, I was Candida free, full of energy, clarity of mind, and optimism. I’ve been more productive at work, a lot less irritable, and having fun again. Dr. Horning was able to help me turn my life around and I can’t thank him enough!


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