Reduced Cholesterol I’ve been having Cho

Reduced Cholesterol
I’ve been having Cholesterol problems for years. Trying to get it down was just impossible.
In June 2006, I went for another blood test. Well, I was very disappointed to find out my cholesterol was 261. My Cardiologist wanted to put me on medication and so did my Primary doctor. But I do not want any medication; I wanted to get my cholesterol down the natural way. My son, Steve, advised me to go to see Dr. Horning.
Dr. Horning advised me on dosage and additional supplements which I started in August 2006.
I waited till after the holidays to have another blood test taken and to my Surprise and the Doctors, my cholesterol came down to 178. I could hardly believe it.
Thanks to Dr. Horning, I was able to do it the natural way.

Edith E.


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