My Triglycerides Were Over 350 For most

My Triglycerides Were Over 350
For most of my 58+ years, I have been a bad boy when it came to eating and exercising. I don’t eat my vegetables and I have more than an occasional cocktail. Unfortunately, it started to take its toll.
After some routine blood work in January, I was presented with some pretty scary numbers. My triglycerides were over 350 and the rest of my liver and kidney functions weren’t much better. My cholesterol was elevated to around 200 (not that bad because I was taking the Red Yeast Rice you told me about), but it was my liver results that scared me.
You thought that I would be a great candidate for BRT. I, admittedly, was a little skeptical, but I thought it was worth a try. I really didn’t want to be on medication so I was willing.
Well, 2 months of BRT treatments later, my triglycerides were 122 and my total cholesterol was 144. Quite a change! Thank you for introducing me to BRT and my blood sugar was a little high, so we can work on that next.
Thank you again,
Jeff N.


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