For about 30 years or more I had a set o

For about 30 years or more I had a set of different pains on the left side of my face and jaw.
I went to a dentist and doctors, and all I got was complaints about my smoking and eating habits.
The dentist pulled certain teeth which were supposedly the cause of the pain. Soon I became toothless, smokeless, and eventually sleepless.
Some one recommended Dr. Horning. After one visit the pain almost left and in two months the pain was completely gone.
-Charles K.

October 2005, I was sent to an orthopedi

October 2005, I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon because of severe torn muscles/ligaments off the bones in my left hand. I’ve been in severe pain months before the visit. I was told that I needed to get surgery ASAP and I was scheduled for the third week in November. They also told me the operation would be half fusion, which means I would have limited mobility with my wrist.
A friend of mine recommended me to see Dr. Horning and told me how he helped other people. So I gave it a try! I visited Dr. Horning three times a week for a month, and he really helped me. My hand has very little pain now and the strength I have is amazing. I can lift heavy boxes; lean my body weight on it, and hit a heavy bag with no problem.
Dr. Horning and his very special gift and knowledge of chiropractic treatment was a blessing for me.
Thank you Dr. Horning!
Barry W.