Infant Torticollis – GONE My daughter wa

Infant Torticollis – GONE
My daughter was born via C-section at 39 weeks and 3 days. We immediately noticed that when in a relaxed state her head would tilt to the side. My husband and I brought her to Dr Horning when she was a little over a week old and she began getting adjustments. Dr Horning also noticed the tilting of the head, and told us it was called Torticollis. Within one week (3 adjustments later) we saw a significant difference. Family that hadn’t seen her in a few weeks immediately noticed the difference and asked what we had been doing. After two weeks of adjustments the torticollis was GONE! We owe it all to Dr Horning! I have no doubt that if she had not been getting treated by him that she would still, at 3 and ½ months, have torticollis of her neck.
Nicole H


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