We first heard about Dr. Horning from ou

We first heard about Dr. Horning from our neighbor. I decided to make an appointment for my husband & me for different reasons. He has degenerating discs in his lower back and had constant back pain. I told him that I made an appointment to see Dr. Horning and he wasn’t too keen on going to a chiropractor, since he thought there was no hope for him. After a few weeks of being treated by Dr. Horning, he gradually started getting some relief, and soon after he was pain free. Now he has absolutely no back pain and is now able to exercise, play golf and enjoy life again!
I had many issues, including a stiff neck, stomach issues and I had trouble sleeping at night. Dr. Horning worked on my neck and after a few sessions, my neck is much better now. Also, Dr. Horning found out that I had bad bacteria in my digestive system (yeast), so he put me on a yeast free diet. After going on this special diet for 3 weeks I lost 10 pounds, and my stomach problems have gone away. My husband also went on the “yeast free” diet, and he lost over 15 pounds. Dr. Horning taught me some techniques for sleeping and I’m happy to say that I am sleeping much better – almost always through the night.
Thanks Dr. Horning! You’re the best!
-M.T. & B.T.


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