I’ve suffered with a bad back for 23 yea

I’ve suffered with a bad back for 23 years. I’m 47 years old and there were times I could hardly get out of bed. I have a very physical job, plus I have a family and a big home to take care. I like being active, but I was finding all these things that I like to do was getting very difficult.
I also started having very bad pain in my elbow going down my arm and finding it hard to hold onto things without pain. Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Horning, which has been two weeks, I no longer have the pain in my elbow and I get out of bed with no pain and I don’t feel like I’m 97 years old. I have more energy and feel great. I’m so happy that my sister recommended Dr. Horning. This is such a great alternative than to have any surgery, which I definitely did not want to do.
Thank you Dr. Horning and his wonderful staff!
Peggy D.

In July of 2011, my Uncle referred me to

In July of 2011, my Uncle referred me to Dr. Horning. He was a long time patient of Dr. Horning and admired the quality of care Dr. Horning provided him over the years. From time to time, I would have pain in my lower back and pain between my shoulder blades. This was result from a car accident a few years ago. I was in need of relief so I contacted Dr. Horning’s office late December 2011.
After the first visit, I was sold. Dr. Horning treated my back issues intensely over the next month. I was on the road to recovery. The education I received prior to treatments will make me a smarter patient for years to come.
In February, I came to Dr. Horning with a different problem. My blood pressure was elevated and I didn’t want to start blood pressure medicine at such an early age. Dr. Horning had provided me with an alternative solution to medicine – BRT. I read a booklet and agreed to try the BRT method. My blood pressure before beginning the program was 138/88. I’m ecstatic to announce my blood pressure after three visits for treating my high blood pressure is 128/74. The results have remained close to 128/74 for over a month. This was not a one-time lucky strike!
Thank you to Dr. Horning and his staff. They made a difference in my life and I’m very happy to refer their services to my family and friends.
Sam H.

Finally accepting that I had become “car

Finally accepting that I had become “card addicted,” I asked Dr. Horning if he could help me. I started taking craving elimination drops. They were taken three times a day for about three days. The cravings have all but disappeared. If I get the smallest craving for a piece of chocolate or that donut I take a few drops and it’s amazingly gone. No more cravings! Hopefully I can stay on this path to healthier eating and the road to some weight loss. Thank you Dr. Horning!
G. Schade