Chest pain, headaches and lower back pai

Chest pain, headaches and lower back pain
When I met Dr. Horning three months ago, I had the following ailments: constant chest pain, headaches two to three times a week and lower back pain from degenerative disk disease. Dr. Horning was surprised because I’m only 27 years old with all of these problems. I went to my family medical doctor for the past five years to help and every time they said it was stress and that there was no way to fix my back so I should take painkillers.
Dr. Horning was much different. He evaluated my entire body and took x-rays of key areas in my back and neck. He said that he could help me and he did. Within three weeks and just seven visits, I no longer have chest pain or lower back pain and haven’t had a headache in two weeks straight.
I believe in Dr. Horning and chiropractic care. I feel great and feel like I should at 27.
Thank you for all your help and continued support.
Rich H


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