For the last 18 years I’ve had Lyme dis

For the last 18 years I’ve had Lyme disease in my nervous system. I’ve had memory problems and concentration problems since then. I went from being on the Dean’s list in college for Nuclear Medicine to struggling to put a compound word together and remember how to get to the mall…
I was very skeptical when Dr. Horning told me he could help me. Many, many others hadn’t over the years. Apparently I’ve had other problems occur that were left untreated by anyone. I’m sure the medical community did their best, but they were lacking all the data.
Last week I got a 100% on a test in a course I’m doing. That hasn’t happened in almost twenty years!!! Of all the physical problems of having Lyme disease, the cognitive problems bothered me the most.
I’m not perfect, but I’m winning for the first time since Labor Day weekend in 1989 (a very, very long time ago for me, the last time I was “normal”).
So when Dr. Horning tell you he can help, believe him!!!
Sandy M.


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