-Bread, cheese, ice cream and burgers ar

-Bread, cheese, ice cream and burgers are just a few of the charcoal-infused foods that are on trend right now, along with skincare products and toothpaste.
-Charcoal made from the fine black powder of bone char, coal, coconut shells and more is “activated” at high temperatures, altering its internal structure to carry surface-bound toxins from your body and dispose of them through bowel movements.
-Used for centuries, activated charcoal was called the “universal antidote” since the age of Hippocrates for such problems as anthrax, vertigo and absorbing odors from rotting flesh; today it’s used as a skin cleanser and more.
-Activated charcoal is a binder, helping to rid the body of toxins — from snake bite venom (possibly) to heavy metals implicated in leaky gut — and to optimize cholesterol, improve kidney function and even prevent hangovers.
By Dr. Mercola


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