Dizziness, Vision Loss & Severe Joint Pa

Dizziness, Vision Loss & Severe Joint Pain
After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, and endlessly suffering with vision loss, dizziness and severe joint pain, I turned to Dr. Horning’s chiropractic service.
Within one week, my vision returned, and I was not dizzy. Radically different than the life I have been suffering through for close to three years.
I am truly a believer. Thank you!
Alicia L.

Dropped My Blood Pressure Over 30 Points

Dropped My Blood Pressure Over 30 Points
I have been a patient of Dr. Horning’s for many, many years. The first time I crawled into his office, hugging the walls and walking out upright. Over the years I have always relied on Dr. Horning to keep me going from head to toe. No matter if it was a lower back problem or a very sore neck and shoulder; I knew that a visit or two to Horning Chiropractic was all I needed to feel better.
However, recently I came to him with a totally different issue. My blood pressure unexplainably went over 167/97. Within three visits using his BRT methods, Dr. Horning dropped my blood pressure over 30 points. Now, about three weeks later it is no higher than 120/80. That figure is not a fluke, it is constant.
Sharon S.