Chronic Back and Leg Pain Chronic back a

Chronic Back and Leg Pain
Chronic back and leg pain incapacitated me for many years. It prevented me from doing the things I love which are gardening, dancing, and taking long walks. Over the years I tried physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy which I had hoped would give me some relief, but none of these therapies worked. In desperation I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who said I would need spinal fusion surgery requiring a five inch incision to stabilize my vertebrae using bone grafting and screws. I was quite alarmed by the invasiveness and year-long recovery, and I knew immediately I would not “go under the knife”. So I continued using topical anesthetics, a tens unit and an elastic leg band to cope with pain, that is until I started chiropractic therapy with Dr. Horning. I have gotten incredible relief, and I can now do the things I love again. If I only knew this years ago.
Thank you,
Gloria E.


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