Foot Drop – CURED! (Also Chronic Back an

Foot Drop – CURED!
(Also Chronic Back and Leg Pain)
Recently, I suffered foot drop, due to a pinched nerve.
There was paralysis in my toes and ankle, preventing me from flexing my foot. I had to lift my knee to walk so I wouldn’t trip and fall. I had leg and hip pain when walking or driving. Dr Horning told me there was no medical cure for this condition. He assured me with time and patience, he could fix my problem.
In 6 weeks, my gait returned to normal and the flexibility in my foot has returned 100%!!
For years, I suffered chronic back and leg pain causing me to be inactive and depressed. Dr Horning relieved me of that pain, improving my quality of life significantly. I am very grateful for him and his wonderful staff.
Peggy H


Infant Torticollis Once my daughter star

Infant Torticollis
Once my daughter started to hold her head up on her own I noticed she tended to favor her one side, and her head often appeared tilted toward her left shoulder.
I started to worry because I knew a couple who had to have their baby wear a HELMET for months for the same issue. Torticollis.
I brought her in to see Dr Horning, and after two visits. TWO VISITS the problem corrected itself and she easily began to hold her head up equally and properly.
I tell ALL of my friends with infants to please consider chiropractic care as opposed to a HELMET. I did not want my poor baby to have to go through that, and to think all it took was a couple of visits.
Thank you Dr Horning.
You rock.
Jenn P.