I fell down a flight of steps and a week

I fell down a flight of steps and a week later was in so much pain on my right side (ribs and leg) that my husband took me to the emergency room. They X-rayed me for fractured ribs, gall bladder, kidneys, heart, etc. Nothing but extreme pain. Eight hours later I had three prescriptions for pain and inflammation. One week later I was still in excessive pain, couldn’t take a deep breath, cough, sneeze, sleep, sit up, lay down, or do everyday moving. Couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk or turn the ignition of my car on with my right hand. All the medicine wouldn’t let me think straight.
I called Dr. Horning (who I go for my monthly adjustments) and asked if he could help me. Of course he said come right in. he checked me out and said he was steering toward my ribs. He sent me for more X-rays because sometimes it takes awhile for broken ribs to show up. I stopped the medicines. Nothing was wrong with the ribs other then being severely bruised. He started treatment on me every other day. I started feeling better after a couple of times, everyday I could actually move and breathe better. By the end of a full week of treatment I was sleeping, breathing, sneezing and moving without pain. Thank you Dr. Horning!
-Shirley I.