A Complete Turn Around

Testimonial Success!          In September 2007, I began to experience headaches that were like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Every time I bent over, coughed, sneezed, lifted, pulled or pushed, I would get what felt like electric shocks to my head.  I made an appointment with my doctor and tests were ordered.  This was only the beginning of a very long road of specialists and every type of CAT scan, MRI, and imaging known to mankind.  They were able to rule out tumors, and other major serious problems, but there were no answers for my headaches.  And with no answers came no relief.


I decided my next stop was to go to the Cleveland Clinic.  I had heard great feed back on their diagnostic center and felt that maybe they could finally give me some answers.  Just as I was ready to make the necessary arrangements, I discovered Dr. Jeffrey Horning through the BNI Association.  I decided before I went all the way to Cleveland I would give him a try.


This was the best decision I made.  At my first appointment within 20 minutes he figured out what my problem was and what needed to be done.  After 3 months of treatment with Dr. Horning I was healed, and felt like myself again.  I have sent many people to see Dr. Horning, and I cannot thank him enough for his care and his friendship.  To say I am a satisfied patient is putting it mildly.  My family has seen me do a complete turn around, and needless to say they are thrilled.  SO MANY THANKS DR. HORNING!!!


G. A.


My Back Was Virtually In Constant Pain

testimonialHi Dr. Horning,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you have been able to do for me physically, especially my lower back and left thigh!

When I saw you for the first time,my back was virtually in constant pain and the irritation in my left thigh was non-stop. Our first conversation was an eye-opener.  I realized that your questions were designed to treat my entire body in a holistic manner and not to just address a specific complaint.  Having been treated by MANY professionals for MANY years, your approach was unique.  You also said that yours is a process, not a “rack ‘em and crack ‘em” style.  At first, I didn’t quite get it, but after our first treatment session, I understood.  Having a treatment and then having you able to test whether you actually were effecting a change or not was the best.  I don’t know how many questions I have asked you, but you have answered all of them.

The emotional relief that comes from reduced pain was a bonus!  It was something I hadn’t really given any thought to.  In a very short period of time you have changed me both physically and emotionally (and the emotional part is free!).

My trip to your office takes about an hour so in order for me to have treatment and be at work on time I have to get out of bed around 4:30 am.  For me, that’s pretty early.  But, I’ve been there on schedule, I wouldn’t miss it.  You and your staff have accommodated my needs in every way.

All of this is my long way of saying, YOU’RE THE BEST!  I wouldn’t hesitate referring you to anyone I know who is looking for the best practitioner around.  As a matter of fact, just today, I gave your name and contact information to one of my workmates.  I hope that she follows up with you.

Please feel free to have any of your prospective patients call me at my home number if they would like to.

Thanks Again,

J. H.