Epstein-Barr Virus For 25 years, I searc

Epstein-Barr Virus
For 25 years, I searched for the medical answer to the damaging effects of the Epstein-Barr Virus. It has left me physically weak and exhausted, mentally confused, unable to cope, my memory failing; in short, parts of me were slowly dying and I knew it. Years of doctor visits, blood tests and medication were very disappointing, to say the least. No one seemed to understand the problem.
One day, desperate to find the answer, with no place else to go, I arrived at Dr. Horning’s office armed with my latest blood results. I was surprised to hear him say, “It’s not in the blood,” and as he patiently explained the problem and the solution, I sat in stunned silence. After all those years of searching…could the answer really be that simple?
Well, I’ve stopped looking. Today, my symptoms from this virus are gone and it gives me a great deal of joy to tell others about the gift of healing God had in store for me here. Dr. Horning and Staff are one of those rare gifts that just keep on giving. Thank you… I am most grateful.
Linda L.R.