Serious allergies When I first me Dr. Ho

Serious allergies
When I first me Dr. Horning I complained of:
1. Serious allergies—spring/fall usually led to sinus or respiratory infections
2. Very stiff and painful neck—due to arthritis/subluxation
3. Very stiff and painful left shoulder—due to arthritis and previous dislocation
4. Very stiff and fragile lower back—arthritis/degenerative disc
In about 4 weeks of short, painless treatments, all 4 major complaints have improved. In fact, I have experienced NO allergy symptoms at all.
The neck, shoulder, and lower back have loosened and strengthened to the point that I have returned to the gym to stretch and resume cardio and strength training.
I am now more aware of posture and diet and continue to regain my health.

Low Back Pain I can Run again! I am a 56

Low Back Pain
I can Run again!
I am a 56 year old woman and I am preparing to run the hot chocolate run 5 K in Philadelphia, on April 1st, for the third time. On the morning of February 24th I ran a really good 1.5 mile run and I felt great!
Then a little later, while getting ready for work and making the bed, I felt a snapping sensation in my low back. I was instantly in pain and my muscles went into spasm. I lowered myself to the floor, as I could not bear my own weight. Fortunately, I could reach my cell phone to call my husband and then Dr Horning.
My husband all but carried me to the car and then into Dr Horning s office. The adjustment was difficult because I could not tolerate many of the positions required and the pain was so severe that I could not tolerate being touched. However, Dr Horning’s gentle manor and numerous techniques brought results. The following day I was able to walk into the office, very slowly, but on my own.
I saw Dr Horning 7 times in 11 days. With every treatment I had a decrease in pain and an increase in strength and ability. As soon as I was able to walk on my treadmill, the first time for only 5 minutes, I worked my way back to running. On Monday March 6th, ten days after the original injury, I ran 1.5 miles, pain free, and only 9 seconds slower than the day of my injury.
With Dr Horning help and a lot of determination I am back on track to run the hot chocolate run! I believe this is amazing and a true testament to the help available through Dr Horning and his practice.
Thank you Dr Horning!
Annette T.

Jaw Pain, Back Aches, Dizziness, and Wei

Jaw Pain, Back Aches, Dizziness, and Weight Gain
I just wanted to thank you for, once again, making me feel great! When I first started seeing you 5 or 6 years ago, you helped to make me feel normal again. I was walking around in a cloud all the time, feeling bloated, and an emotional wreck! After taking the recommended supplements and changing my diet, I felt incredible. However, I did not maintain my well visits. That was a mistake…
In April of this year I had jaw pain, back aches, dizziness, and had put on a few pounds that I could no longer blame on “baby weight.” In just 3 weeks of being on the recommended diet to get rid of the yeast in my system, my symptoms began to disappear.
I thank you for teaching me more about what food and what the environment does to my body and how they make me feel. You are encouraging and a great teacher of healthy eating. I feel better physically and emotionally. Your positive energy and “that’s easy to fix” attitude are what I needed to get myself back on the path you intended for me. This time, I will learn from my mistakes and stay the course. Just to be sure, I am glad I have Patrick (3 yrs. old) and Aela (2 yrs. old) who also enjoy seeing you each month. They love the “belly busters” and “snaps!” You’re the only doctor they run to!
Thank you for caring about me and my children.
Stephanie O.